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EMSOL enables organisations to take targeted action on transport pollution 

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EMSOL empowers organisations to take steps every day to make a lasting difference in reducing transport pollution. Since we began with that mission in 2017, the debate around air pollution has only become more urgent. In just the last few months we have been promised tighter emissions legislation from the UK government, millions on the street demanding action, and business after business declaring their environmental intentions.

Air pollution is a serious health risk for businesses, the workforce, and the public. Business and local authorities want to take action on air pollution, but their data is often unspecific and retrospective. EMSOL’s combination of emissions data and vehicle presence data pin-points emission breaches the instant they occur and identifies why they occurred. With this specific evidence, organisations can make targeted improvements to air quality.

It has been a really exciting time for us over the last year. We have proven that our technology through our pilot projects and deployments in construction, rail, and depot sites, working alongside great partners such as MACE, LSE, Croydon Council, and Network Rail to take air quality action.

But now even more businesses are looking for solutions that help address the impact of transport pollution. Our next challenge is the get the support we need to scale.

If you want to find out more, or are ready to invest today you can go to Shadow Foundr.

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LSE selects EMSOL to Improve Air Quality

LSE selects EMSOL to Improve Air Quality.

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