COVID-Safe Worksites

EMSOL tells you which team members on a site are breaching guidelines and who might have been infected, in real-time, so you can take immediate steps to ensure site safety and evidence compliance.

Read on to learn how.

It’s almost impossible to create a COVID-safe worksite

There are still asymptomatic and uninfected team members who are making it impossible to confidently and safely get back to work and stay working. There is no way to prove that team members have been adhering to social distancing rules and its almost impossible to accurately identify when an infection has been transferred. So how do site operators decide who needs to miss days of work? How do business owners minimise financial and reputational risk?

Imagine if site operatives, business owners and team members could all be alerted in real time when there is a social distancing guideline breach and had a way to trace potential infections. That would enable managers to take immediate, targeted action to train specific team members or remove just the ones who might have been infected. It would also give site operators and their clients clear evidence if the infection didn’t start on the site. That means site safety and proof of compliance. Smart.

That’s EMSOL.

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EMSOL enables COVID-19
safety and compliance

Modern Cloud-Based
Technology Platform

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How does the EMSOL solution work?

Work Safe Screenshot Infection Tracing

Site, contractor and sub-contractor views and alerts based on roles and permissions

Flexible dashboards and real-time notifications
Views available for each sub-contractor, department, or site
Powerful Data Analysis and Insights Secure data fusion and aggregation
Real-time pollution and asset location data aggregation and analysis

Owned and open source data ingestion

Flexible, open and secure data acquisition
Air 04 3 2

Air Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Air 04 3

Personnel Location Tracking

Air 04 4

Other External Data Feeds

How does the EMSOL solution work?

How does the EMSOL solution work - covid19

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