Webinar: Improving Air Quality in Construction – Register


Webinar: Improving Air Quality in Construction

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In case you couldn’t join us for the webinar or you just wanted to go through all the amazing content again, you can now stream the EMSOL Webinar Improving Air Quality in Construction on demand. You’ll hear from CECA (Civil Engineering Contractors Association) discuss the link between air quality and respiratory health, Skanska talk about pollution monitoring at Euston Station, and the London School of Economics present on their maintaining their commitment to sustainability during on-campus construction.

This on demand webinar also covers a dive into the EMSOL platform which identifies specific targeted opportunities to take air quality action,

The webinar covers:

  • How improved air quality can help people’s lungs be less susceptible to COVID-19 and help people’s lungs recover from COVID-19.
  • What solutions are available to reduce workforce and public exposure to poor air quality?
  • How can the construction industry make targeted improvements by pin-pointing problems the moment they appear?
  • Learn from the experience of a collaborative five way project with MACE, Hansons, LSE, the local community, and EMSOL.
  • Key stakeholders from local authorities, construction companies, and industry experts will share their view on the challenges and possible solutions to improving air quality.
Running time: 1 hour

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“Taking action to reduce air pollution can seem insurmountable. It’s hard to know where to start, or who to involve”


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