Achieve Clean Air Targets

EMSOL tells you which vehicles on a site are polluting, in real-time, so you can take steps every day to achieve your air quality and net zero targets.

Read on to learn how.

Achieving clean air and net zero targets is difficult

Enterprises are stepping up and committing to aggressive clean air and net zero targets for some time in the future, but they feel too long range and unattainable. The problem is not knowing how to start taking real action right now to begin hitting those targets. Reducing emissions from supply and logistics chain vehicles are a perfect place to start, but the data to take control across multiple fleet operators is not usable for visibility and control.

Imagine if instead, that corporations and their fleet operators could get a unified view of emissions from all vehicles transiting their different sites and have the information to take control and begin delivering on their targets.

That’s EMSOL.

Taking control over emissions is difficult​
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Accelerate To Clean Air & Net Zero Targets Every Day

Modern Cloud-Based Technology Platform

Modern Cloud-Based Technology Platform

How does the EMSOL solution work?

Dashboard Devices 02

Cross-site, cross-fleet and cross-authority views based on access rights

Flexible dashboards and real-time notifications
Views available for each sub-contractor, department, or site.

Real-time pollution and asset location data analysis and insights

Integrate third-party data sources

Air 04

Air Quality Monitors

Air 05

Noise Monitors

Air 06

Onboard Vehicle Tracking/ Telematics

Air 07

Other external
Data feeds

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Air 02
Air 03
How does the EMSOL solution work

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